I am the email administrator for my company. I currently manage a Novell
GroupWise 7.0.2 environment.
Recently my company merged with another organisation and I am now managing
an Exchange 2003 SP2 environment.

The plan is to eventually migrate everyone into the GroupWise environment,
but for the moment I need to setup coexistence between the two. I have
recently deployed the Novell GroupWise Gateway 7 for Exchange (SP2).
Everything is good... mostly...

I have two problems:
1. Staff using Outlook/Exchange cannot perform a free/busy search on a
GroupWise user. (It works the other way though..)
2. Message status tracking is not working when a GroupWise user sends to an
Exchange user. (The correlation database gwcorr is expanding though..)

Has anyone out there experienced similar issues and if so are they

Any help would be most appreciated ;-)