Here is my “strange” issue:
A workstation flagged as “put an image at next boot”, I may reboot the
workstation 10 times without receiving any image… (image-safe is good,
and I am able to remote control the workstation)

But here is the fun :
1) If I <ctrl>+<alt> at boot and choose “[1] "maintenance mode ZEN
Imaging”, then start “img” and “F9 query for work” it start directly the
download of the image.

2)If I<ctrl>+<alt> at boot and choose “[0] "Start ZEN Imaging" my
workstation directly receives the image.

So, I decide to zisedit –r and zisedit –c (never sure enough), and there
I receive the image associated to the imaging policy.

And, again, if I flag the workstation for another image, it won't work
....but, why ?

PS : version