I'm trying to lay a Netware ISCSI foundation for testing the live
migration of Xen VMs on SLES10. I've configured a Netware 6.5.6 Target
(fully patched with new winsock, tcp, iscsi patches) for access by two
SLES10 boxes as O*****CSI initiators. I'm clustering access to the
storage with Linux-HA and ocfs2. The initiators connect to the target
without trouble. When I begin the process of creating the VM on the
shared storage the Netware server's logger screen flows with errors
indicating the Netware target:


This looks to me like a simple mis-alignement of TCP settings but I can't
find anything that specifically indicates what settings need to be matched
up. I've run the following commands on the Netware Target - do I need to
match these on the Linux side too?:

iscsi set MaxRecvDataSegmentLength=8192
iscsi set FirstBurstLength=65536

I'm in this forum because it's the Netware Target reporting the error -
maybe I need to jump to a SLES forum for open-iscsi advice? It's an
interesting mix of products I'm using...not sure whom to query on this one.