Hi All,

I set up NCS on two OES Linux nodes and after a huge headache I could
make it work. BTW, absolutely do NOT install patches! Novell had better
to loud this!

Now, I would need to configure samba in order to replicate a
CIFS-enabled volume on Netware where users profiled into edirectory can
easily access to that volume using simple password and not using the
Novell client. What I need is the possibility to have just one share, a
big container, shared with samba where all users can see only what they
own. For sure, the filesystem is nss.

I start off creating a public and anonymous samba share using the
directive "guest ok = yes" and then configure permissions on nss (file
scan should be the permission I need to have work on) so that users can
see only what they can. But then I realized this is not possible just
because public access does not authenticate users. So, what kind of
configuration should I use? Which security directive do I have to set in
samba? And the most important thing, can I talk with nss without ncp?

Any advice is very welcome. Thanks guys.