I just installed the above mentioned patch using the provided .cpk packages.

First not really nice thing is that the InvAgnt.cpk abends the server after installation. It copies files and then restarts the InvAgnt services - this restart leads to several minor abends (at least 40 to 50 before you restart your server completely).

After rebooting the server everything loads normally.

I then applied the two other cpks and now have the following strange situation: If I try to down or reset or restart the server directly from the command prompt nothing happens except a java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError is thrown in Thread "main" onto the logger screen. [This error shows a whole bunch of existing paths to jars except one path to the non-existing directory "SYS:\zenworks\ZW".]
But if I enter down server or down restart etc. at the Zenworks (ServerManagement) screen this does down the server using the correct server-down policy. Otherwise I have to do a zfsstop before I can down the server from the system console.

Does anybody has similar experiences or better can lead me to the defective java application. Due to the nice "feature" of the install to abend the server rollbacks did not work.

W. Prindl