Divisional Series

National League

Rockies vs. Phillies - These two teams just finished amazing come-backs
to get where they are. The Rockies have an explosive offense and can be
dangerous late in a game. The Phillies proved that miracles can happen.
All but out of the playoffs 3 weeks ago the Phillies battled on as the
Mets kept losing. My prediction here is that the Phillies have more
hunger, more heart and more to prove then the Rockies do. I say the
Phillies win in 4 games.

Cubs vs Diamond Backs - 2003 NLCS still haunts the Cubs fans and still
hurts. The Cubs has something to prove after last season and need to
prove to their fans that their players are worth their inflated
salaries. However, the Cubs defense is very good and should not be
counted out. The DBacks proved they were the best in the West. With the
mix of good offense and good pitching they prove dangerous. The Cubs are
good on the road. I say the Cubs and Dbacks fight to the end with the
Cubs edging the Dbacks in 5 games.

American League

Yankees vs. Indians - The Yankees are making their 13th straight
appearance in the playoffs. However, the Yankees have some pitching
questions. However, A-Rod is on fire and will help light a fire under
his teammates. The Indians played good this year and will continue this
trend though the playoffs. However, I am going out on a limb here and
say the Yankees win this series in 4.

Angels vs. Red Sox - The best team in baseball is the Red Sox. However,
this series is going to take a toll on both teams, why? The distance is
further than any of the other teams. However, the Sox have solid
pitching and defense. So does the Angels. These two teams are matched on
both sides of the ball and will be a tough battle to the end. The Sox
will win this series in 5.

Championship Series

Cubs vs. Phillies - Both of these teams are hungry. The Cubs are starved
for a championship since 1908. The Phillies are still laid back and VERY
dangerous. Again the Phillies hunger, and want will prove to overcome
the Cubs, with the combination of the Curse that lingers over their
head. This series will last all 7 games with Philadelphia going to the
World Series.

Yankees vs. Red Sox - Old rivalries are always the best in MLB post
season play. These two teams have something to prove, something to step
up and a championship to win. When it comes between the Yankees and the
Sox all bets are off. The Yankee fans are still angry for the Sox coming
back when being down 3 games to 1 the year they won it all. However, it
is not Boston's year. Their incredible run stops here. The Yankees have
less holes in their pitching unlike the Red Sox do. The Yankees take the
Pennant in 7 games.

World Series

Phillies vs. Yankees - Times are great in Philadelphia, the excitement
is extremely high and the Red and White are the talk of the town.
Philadelphia is starved, and has a World Championship with in their
grasp. The Phillies players are feeding off the energy and still are
laid back. The pitching staff for the Phillies are solid and everyone
knows that everyone is playing their part. The Yankees will not go down
with out a fight. Their pitching staff is solid, however the Phillies
offense will best their pitching staff. However, this series will go the
distance and in the last innings of game 7 I see the Phillies pulling
off their Second World Series Championship 27 years after their first.

World Champion: Philadelphia Phillies.

Disagree if you want, or call me biased. I am looking at the numbers and
the hunger of each team.

Jay Calderwood

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