Hi, I have mounted a Netware 6.5 server with CIFS share and eDirectory. My
wants to do a net use mapping to my share. There is no problem when the
user is created on the root of my Organizational Unit.
Example: My server is located in context "ROOT". I have a user Jeff
located in context "ROOT". Jeff has no problem to mapping CIFS sharing
with command :

net use * \server_nameshare_name password /user:Jeff

BUT, when another user "Carl" is located on a SubContainer "CONTAINER1"
lower than the Organizational Unit, and this user wants to access to this
share, we always get the following error on the net use mapping :

net use * \server_nameshare_name password /user:ROOT.CONTAINER1.Carl
system error 1326 : failed to open session : unkown user or invalid

Jeff and Carl have the same file rights on server.

I tried look up syntax of "/user" in net use, but I still get errors.

Any ideas?
Thanks a lot