It is amazing to me that the US of A has not gone up into a big flaming
ball. The idiocy of my users has reached a new all time high! I mean,
could maybe understand if I was doing government work, but this is in
the private sector! So, I do a mandatory password reset…right…just a
change password, that’s all…Send the e-mail out to ALL ASSOCIATES and
get and e-mail form one of my managers and this is exactly what she
wrote “Does all associates need to change there password?” Now, I know
that I am not the best speller and I have a very poor understanding of
grammar. But ****! So this morning I reset everyone and send out an
e-mail saying “If you have not done so already, please log off and back
in. The password change has been put into effect. Please contact me if
you have any issues resetting your password. “ I have gotten two
calls…I logged off and nothing happened….Me, “Have you logged back
in?”….(L)user, “OH…”. And I only made this change 10 min ago…