I've been testing the Migration Wizard and have a question about this
message that comes up before the last step to restore trustee rights is
done. How do you check that Novell Licensing Services is correct while in
the migration proccess. I know I can get to the console but I'm not sure
what number 4 is asking about.

Before continuing, make sure you have completed the following steps:

1 > The NDS/eDir Migration step has been completed (step 3) and the
destination (new) server has restarted with the source (old) server's name.

2 > Make sure your server time is synchronized

3 > Make sure NDS/eDir is synchronized.

4 > Novell Licensing Services has been correctly installed. Any licensing
errors that occurred should have been resolved by installing the
appropriate server or user licenses.

5 > You should have rebooted your workstation and re-logged in to the
source (old) tree.

6> Run the NDS/eDir backlinker to completion. Type the following commands at
the server console: SET DSTRACE = ON, SET DSTRACE = +BLINK, SET DSTRACE = *B