I am having difficulty getting my application to install/run properly. I
have created two app objects, one to install the application, the other to
run the application. (The app object that runs the application does do
some install as well for some minor configuration for this individual
case.) There needs to be a reboot between the "install" app and the
"running" app. I have set the "install" to force a reboot when installed.
The "install" app is set as an application dependancy of the "running"
app. What seems to be happening is when double clicking on the "run" app
the "install" app runs and installs then does nothing. The run app does
not run at all, and the workstation does not reboot or give any message
that it needs to be rebooted. If I manually reboot the workstation and
then run the "run" app, everything is fine. (users won't know that they
need to reboot) How do I force the "install" app to reboot the workstation
after rebooting? We are running ZEN 7 SP1 IR1 on a Netware 6.5 SP6. Am I
missing something simple?

Thanks for any assistance