Hello everyone.. Had a bit of an oddity here.. We have named running on
two of our servers, a NW51 as primary and a NW65 as secondary. The primary
resolv.cfg file points uplink to our providers DNS server. The issue is
that the local DNS tables do have entries which are NOT valid outside, but
I would like to be resolvable. On the primary DNS server then, running
NAMED, should I have the resolv.cfg with three entries, including the
local host as a server and should they be first or last?
Also, on the same note, we have seen issues with stale rootserver
infomration causing resolve issues, sometimes to redirecting people to
spam/advert sites rather than the site requested. In checking
SYS:/etc/rootsrvr.dat I note the last update to the file being 1997. I
would imagine its time to update this list before we get in trouble, but I
am unsure of the process... Simply bring down a new rootserver list and
replace this file? The notes *suggest* this file is somewhat unique and
provided by Novell....

Thanks for your input!