One of our clusters is doing the strangest thing. It is up, we can ping
the master IP, and none of my users are being affected by it.

I would like to see if any of you have ever encountered this error, and
if so, how did you fix it:

on the logger screen we find the following:
Failed to read Cluster IP address from NDS
CLUSTER <info>-<46>: ncslibFilterBaseClass 0: API called =
DDCResolveName, error=FFFFFD62

On NoRM, if you click on Clustering, and then Cluster Config, you get
error: ClstrLib Err=-670

We suspected a DS issue, but none of my DSTraces & DSRepairs have
revealed any such corruption.

Our backup software - Syncsort Backup Express 2.15d - can not browse
any of the cluster resources. We are working with their support team