Some but NOT all printer profiles that are attempted to be created

An example: On Windows 2000 PC via Imanager, creating printer driver
profile for a LaserJet PCL6 or LaserJet PCL5e the profile creation

The error occurs after configuring the driver profile and then clicking
the next button in Imanager to "save driver profile -profilename-".

Here is the error:

"Error: Create Printer Driver Profile Failure
Request (CLIENT_ERROR) - bad status code (0x406)
IPP Error: 0x406"

I checked the ndpsmmon.log and here is what it contained:

"(Client Interface)
10/03/07 08:54:53, Operation Create Object:,
Error: 506D000C - object not found,
User Name: Saggra.WPB.GUNSTER,
Object Name: unknown

With various other HP Laserjet models the profiles create just fine.

But I also experience the problem on Windows XP as well.
I get the same error creating a Laserjet 4200 printer profile (PCL6 or
5e doesn't matter I have tried both).

I have already removed all printer driver profiles and started over but
same error.
I am running version: novell-iprint-server-5.1.20070621-1

Anyone experience the same problem with driver profiles on OES Linux
If so has anyone discovered a fix???