Here is my scenario.

We currently have one GroupWise server located in BLDG 1. It provides
email services for all buildings. BLDG2 is considered a ‘critical
location’ and I have been tasked with ensuring that Groupwise will
still function for those in BLDG2, in the event that the server in BLDG1
goes down or in the event that the network connectivity between BLDG1 and
BLDG2 goes down.

This will be a temporary solution and we will not be able to implement a
SANS until 2009.

What is your recommendation for accomplishing this? Do I have to use a
SANS to cluster or can I use a third server to act as the ‘Shared
disk system’? I’m assuming that I will have to move the
‘shared disk system’ to BLDG2 to ensure ‘up time for

Any help or recommendations would be appreciated.