What PalmOS webbrowsers do you use other than blazer/operamini/EIS? I am
trying to find something I can use to browse my intranet via VPN (using
mergic demo for pptp, working fine so far) however it seems blazer/operamini
require access to a proxy (and if there is a way to turn that off in either
i havent found it) and EIS (eudora internet suite) while fast, is fast
because it doesnt support images. What I am looking for is a browser (free
preferrably) for my treo650 that does images & can work without a proxy so
that it may work on my intranet via the VPN (in the end I want to be able to
view my MRTG information which is why I want image support).

btw, what other sysadmin tools do you folks with palmos run? Thanks ahead of