3 server tree - 2- NW5.1 sp7 , DS 8.85c and 1- NW 5.0 sp6a . DS 7.62c.
Client wishes to keep the same hardware for the 2 - NW5.1 boxes . Dell PE
2 gig ram , about 8 volumes per server. 80 gigs total data each.
All TFS volumes and bindery queues. No services other than file and print.
The NW 5.0 box will be an across the migration to new hardware ,
once the other 2 have been upgraded
I need to know about the "gotcha's" for an in-place upgrade from those of
you "in the trenches".
I have the 6.5 sp6 overlay Cd's and 6.5 license file

TFS type volumes are a requirement . Must I convert to NSS as part of the in
place upgrade ?
Will it be a problem if SYS is not NSS ?

Full back up , then upgrade Master replica server - then the next 5.1
server. Seems Simple-

Whats the difference between an inplace upgrade and a down server upgrade
in a 5.1 -> 6.5 sp6 senerio ??

Am I being naive about this upgrade , or should it work fine ?
CA upgrade / installation ? I'm sure I am overlooking more questions.
Please advise.

Thanks in advance- Chris