Server: NW 5.1 SP8
Win client: Win XP SP2
NW client: 4.91 SP1, SP2, or SP3
Protocol: IP

Repeatability: 100% on all clients using the IP protocol

After 1-5 minutes of idle time at the client, the client drops its
connection to the server, or the server drops the client connection, so
that the client can no longer find files or folders or use resources on
the server until it logs in again. If the client is forced to use the
IPX protocol this does not happen.

It does not seem to depend on whether SLP and a DA are configured on the
client, as it happens whether they are or are not. (They are configured
on the server.)

Anyone have any clues why and what to do about it (besides abandoning IP
and reverting to IPX across the board)?

Gerald Reynolds