Hello All
We have Zen PatchManager and we also have ZFD 7. Is there any
way I can force the discovery agent and deployment agent to run on the
event when a workstation is shut down?

I have been having problems lately with PatchManager and in paticular
Office deployments. Programs crash if the users dont reboot, but I cant
force the reboots after patch deployments for fear of them not saving work
and losing it?

I've changed the restart timer to countdown from 45 minutes but the real
issue is when patches are deployed that really do need a restart other
wise the O/S and Office programs crash.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get Zenworks to maybe start the
PatchAgents on shut down? Windows can do this with the 'install windows
updates on shut down' etc and my users are asking why cant this Novell

Thanks in advance