It should've taken me 2 days max to install and configure a new Win server,
hook it to a couple of Dell tape libraries, install BE, and get the agents
installed on the other 29 servers. However, I'm now at the end of the
second week.

I have a tape library that won't work -- lots of read/write errors. New
SCSI card, new SCSI cables, cleanings, Dell-suggested routines, sacrifices
to minor deities, etc. It appears that everyone else has the same problems,
since my tech is always on the phone to someone.

In addition, I have Sam and Tech who have confused our software licenese
with another school district in another state, and after 1 week still can't
get me a key code. Calls to their support line have gone unanswered (see
earlier SCUZZY post).

So, here I sit, discreetly reading fly fishing magazines, waiting for
another phone call from Dell or Sam & Tech, so they can tell me more futile
things to do.

(banging head)

Uh, is there a Dice or Monster job posting site for shepherd jobs? I've got
a Sheltie dog, and I hear that they work well with sheep....

Tim Wohlford