Well, I believe I tinkered too much. We've been running iFolder now for
about 2 years. Running iFolder 2.1.8 on NW6.5SP6. Received a call about
the iFolder passphrase could not be set in NetStorage. Went into the NS
admin utility changed a few things and restarted apache with no help. Then
I changed the iFolder_serveragent password. I did this because we recently
changed the admin password and thought the two should be the same. Well,
this morning I can't login to the iFolder mgt utility, Neither the stand
alone or through iManager. All I get is this error: Global Initialization
Required. The only thing I changed concerning iFolder is the
iFolder_serveragent password. Is there a config file somewhere that has the
original password listed and it's conflicting with the one I just changed it