Hello everyone,

I've been using ZenWorks since it was release 4 all the way until 7. I am
familiar with running it and it is great running everythin in the
eDirectory environment, but since I got another job, I am facing a new
challenge. I now work in an AD environment. I've never worked with AD,
(just in school), but other than that it is new to me. After seeing my
coworkers work with it and see how it works, it is very, very similar to
what I was used to do. I want to implement ZenWorks Desktop Management.
I just want to know from you guys that have gone through this. I need
some direction as to where do I need to start. I am still going to use
Console One? Will I be using eDirectory still? I've done some research
and I read that I will be needing a Middle Tier server, which is ok with
me, but do I need a middle tier server per subnet, or one will take care
of it? I hope some of you guys that have done this can direct me to
implement ZenWorks successfully. I would also like to know if I use
Zenworks to implement group policies or keep using AD?? I will really
really really appreciate any suggestions, comments, ideas from you guys.
The network is pretty big about 3000 workstations.


Horacio Hernandez