I have 2 cd or dvd apps.

1 is Nero that comes with our computers. This is a snapshoted install.
This works with CD or DVD burneres.

2 is PowerDVD, which will work with DVD drives only.

We use zen imaging, then an automatic logon to install apps.

The 2 above mentioned cd/dvd apps are associated with workstation and not

They do not seem to want to install for our "installer" user or for any
one but admin.

We hvae given our workstation OU and user OU read only to the folder were
the snapshoted files are located. We never get an error, just does not

Seems to be more of a workstation associated issue since we tryed to use
the .exe's to install, but that did not work for us either.

Any tips?? Wish there was a way to detect if a CD OR DVD burner is