These appear regularly in our GWMS 2.02 logs. Is there a reference somewhere that can help decipher them?

COM Error 80004005
COM Error 80070490.

Error occurred processing new records.
Error occurred sending changes
Error occurred while adding a record.
Error occurred while deleting a record.
Error occurred while setting email field 174
Error occurred while updating a record.

Folder is locked. Please try again later.

Going to call setLastSyncData and RemoveEvents with 0 events

Record key 1073742888


Timeout - server folder in use. Please try again later.

Unexpected failure detected: NestedException
Unexpected failure detected: ServerException
Unexpected server error.

Also, even though we are running GWMS 2.02, or whatever the latest available is, the About Intellisync Mobile Suite text box shows Intellisync Mobile Suite Server Version and Client Pack Version