I am trying to diagnose why we are unable to access the control center
from any machine.

I have tried http://ipaddress/zenworks http://ipdaddress
https://ipaddress https://ipaddress/zenworks with no luck.
using the hostname does not work, nor does when directly
on the box.

I can ping the server, remote to the server, and have scanned the
server and found ports 80,443 to be opened.

The service was working before this weekend, when the server was

I did find that the time was off, reported as June 2025. I setup
the NTP client to connect to an external ntp source, and the time is
now sync as well. The time appears to have been off prior to the
restart of the weekend. I changed the time today, but the problem has
existed since Monday.

any thoughts on what I should try/look at next? possible log/debug
files, etc?
I did see several of the services loaded when I typed ps -Al in the

matt shuter