I'm trying to setup a treelike structure for application deployment.

I want to set up something like this..

- User_Groups
- User_Group_A
- User_Type_A
- User_Type_B
- User_SubType_A
- User_Type_C
- User_Group_B
- User_Group_C

I would like to associate an application with a top level and have that application be associated with all groups below where it was associated.

So.. I could have an application associated with User_Groups and everyone would have access to it. Or.. I could associate an application with User_Group_B and User_Group_B and User_Type_B1 would have access to the application.

I am unable to add a workstation group as a member of a workstation group.

I also tried using organization objects and assigning applications to workstations/users in the ou, but it doesn't associate with workstation groups or user groups under the ou, just workstations or users.

One other note, I am unable to move the workstation objects. They are under a separate ou on the same level as User_Groups called Workstations.

Is there any other way around this?