Recently had a server hard drive crash. Reinstalled Netware 6.5 sp6.
Called new server FS-2 rather than FS_2 as the server still was in the
tree. Used the same IP address for the new server. The older server still
showed all files, folders, etc in Console One. Thought that the info from
the new server was duplicated to the old. Changed the IP address of the
new server.
I can still ping the IP address of the old server, hard drive removed and
replaced. Cannot ping the new server. Confused yet??
I would like to remove the old server from the tree but fear removing it
will remove the new as they appear to be exact duplicates.
Also, I don't think SAP is working on my new installation...
So, if a hard drive crashes on a server how can I still see it in Console
One. It was weeks ago, should the replica show the newest tree?
Needless to say I am confused, probably confused you too.
Any thoughts?