I do not fully understand the updating process for OES sp2.

When I built the server I could not get YAST to update the server. It
asked for an ID and password. I put in my Novell portal ID and password,
but it never worked. I tried many different sites listed in the Yast
update section. I skipped the update step in the build process.

Post server build I could not get Yast to update server. I just could not
authenticate correctly.

I gave up on YAST and read that I can use RedCarpet to update the server.
I got RedCarpet going but I am not sure I got everything I need due to
lack of understanding.

1) Do I only update one "Channel" OES? I saw an Edir channel that picked
and updated. Should I choose others?

2) Does RedCarpet replace Yast for updates?

3) Any ideas why Yast did not authenticate me?

Phil J