I am having the same duplicate email problem that previous people have posted. All of my post offices are at version 7 sp 1 and my GMS is version 2 sp2 is installed on windows 2003 sp 1. This seems to just started happening since I installed the sp2 upgrade. Now it isn't happening enough to justify a revert back to the old sp, but it is still a pain in the butt.

My users are basically starting to see emails that they send out or receive are being sent out or received repeatedly. All of the users are using GW client 7 sp 1. And they can see the duplicate emails in both the phone and the groupwise client. When I look at the users activity log on the server, it looks like one sync gets stuck and starts replicating emails. It is weird, but I just wanted to let everyone know that it has happened here at least to 5 people out of the 40 I have on the gms server. Usually I have to either reset their account or delete them off the server and add them back. It also seems to help to reinstall the client on the device itself as well.

So hopefully we can figure out what might be causing this.

Thanks for all your guys help now and in the past!