We are having trouble with our Groupwise server running very slow. We are
seeing some spikes in SOAP requests and have found that if we shut down our
GMS server Groupwise speeds back up. We are running server version Groupwise should be up-to-date. Any thoughts?

One concern I have is that we have choosen to not sync email to cradled
devices, which actually account for most of our users. We only sync email
with Smartphone devices that have data packages. I have the email sync'ing
turned off in the profile for the regular PDA users and they do not recieve
email. However, if you log in to the Intellisync WEB interface some email
does show up there even though it is not pushed out to the devices. It seems
as though GMS is using SOAP connections to sync everything, including email,
even for accounts that we don't want email. Thereby using SOAP resources for
data that is just going to be dumped into the bit bucket. Is there a way to
stop this?