I do have a Novell question, and thought I'd see if you seen this before
or have any insight on it. I want to make it so that my users cannot
delete their personal directory ( which is a directory on our NetWare 5.0
server). To do this I had set their directory for delete inhibit, but the
user could still right click on the folder and uncheck the delete inhibit
box, so I went one step further and under the trustee attributes unchecked
the modify box. This worked fine, it greyed out the properties so that
when the user right clicked on the folder and went to properties they
could see the options but they are greyed out so the user cannot uncheck
the delete inhibit box. That was what I wanted and it works perfect,
But.....when I have the modify box unchecked the problem is the users
cannot rename anything in that directory...if I check the modify box they
can rename their files but they also can uncheck the delete inhibit box.
Is their some way to keep it so that the users cannot change the delete
inhibit setting yet still be able to rename files in their directory????