We have several users that seem to login ok but there map drives show disconnected. They restart and sometimes they get there mapped drives and sometimes they don't get mapped drives. We can Ping the server IP address and DNS name. We use a Novell Login Script at the container level of the users. We have 40 users and 50 licenses, no printers, Netware 6.5 Sp6 on a single server. The Users have Client 4.91 sp4, Windows XP sp2, TrendMicro antivirus, MS Office 2002-2003 with Outlook 2002 & 2003.

We removed the NW Client and reinstalled. Installed the lastest patches for the client including the "Novell Client 4.91 Post-SP2/3/4 NWSPOOL.DLL" patch.

One thought I had was to remove the Trend Micro to see if it was interfering with the NW client.

Anyone have any other suggestions?