This is not a GW issue--happens whether GW DMS is in the picture or not, but
since many GW DMS users are also older version Corel users, I thought I
would picj brains here too. Win XP with SP2 and all patches up to date, WP

Two major problems, one with any copy/paste freezing WP, the other when
laptops are remote as described below.
Originally posted on Corel forums, the response was that it is a Win XP
patch causing the issue and only a long drawn out process of elimination
would be find the culprit.
"when the laptops are used remotely, WP will
open the first time, but any subsequent attempts to use WP either freeze
with WP not responding or sometimes it opens about 5 minutes later.
Interestingly enough, if, while WP is attempting to open, I disable the
network connections (wired or wireless), it pops open immediately. This
does not happen when the computers are connected to our internal network."

Tried: I have tried setting the printer to a printer on the LPT1 port before
opening WP without success. I uninstalled and reinstalled WP without
success also. I un-checked the option in IE7 to "automatically detect
intranet network".