We recently purchased a large number of tablet PCs for our organization and installed Verizon and Sprint aircards to allow remote always on access. Both aircards are set to use NDIS mode which basically makes the wireless card appear as an additional network adapter instead of a modem to Windows. The problem is that when you boot the PC the login screen is displayed before the network connection has been established so if you try to login you receive a "The system could not log you into the network Do you want to login to Windows" error message. If you wait about 20-30 seconds after the login screen first appears before trying to login you will be able to login fine. We also have this same issue with remote workstations connected by cable or DSL connections. The workstations only have the ZFD agent and not client32 installed.

This really is a problem because we do not want the users to authenticate to just the local workstation unless there is no wireless coverage. Any way to delay the display of the login screen a few seconds or is there some other solution? We would just remove the option of workstation only but in the case of no wireless coverage the user still needs to be able to login.