I have a need to setup have the same ifolder 3 client login and
synchronize data with 2 different ifolder 3.6 servers. Basically, we are
going to use iFolder to backup normal user data to one server and
groupwise archive data to the second. The data needs to be separated due
to backup retention policies. We have a script that's going to copy the
groupwise archive data into a separate folder for backup via ifolder on a
regular basis.

In my lab, I have -

- 2 virtualized OES 2 boxes running in XEN on top of one physical host
- Both servers are part of the same tree
- iFolder on both boxes pointing to the same tree for authentication
- One Windows XP client computer with the iFolder client that shipped with
OES 2 installed

I can initially add both ifolder servers to the client and use the same
credentials to log into both. The issue is that next time I launch the
client, right click on the systray applet and go to accounts, I only see
the first server that I set up. If I try to add the second server again,
it tells me that server is configured. If I open the iFolder client, it
only shows the first server. I know this software is relatively new, but
any info anyone can offer on this problem is much appreciated.