Tonight I upgraded an old NetWare 6 SP5 server which had two 72GB WD
Raptor configured for hardware RAID 1 on a Promise PDC20378

I removed the Raptor drives and replaced them with two Seagate 750GB
drives also configured for Hardware RAID 1 on the same controller. I
restored the image of the original server using server image. Up to
this point everything worked fine and I could access the server on the
new hardware with all its users and other configuration.

I had 694GB of free space. But after I created a 100GB TFS partition I
had only 494GB of space left (i.e. 100GB disappeared). I tried several
variations but I could never use the full disk space I had.

Has anyone had a similar experience or am I missing something obvious.
I would welcome any advice.


Mehmet Boyaci