well,, on a cluster I can understand it,
but,, this server isn't in a cluster and hasn't been in a cluster.

mirror status reports;
Mirror object 0x08 is not active on this node

while looking in nssmu, it states 0x08 beein 100% in sync
( good thing since it's sys )

This Raid-1/mirror was created by remirroring the existing partition
from the internal drive to an external raid. So it was NOT created by
using imanager's way of 1st creating the raid-1, then the pool/volume.

Maybe this above issue isn't an issue and doesn't matter, but,,
I'd really like to be sure that my mirroring of sys IS ok,

Mirror object 0x0C is not active on this node
is stated, which is another partition/volume.

the 3rd one is
Mirror object 0x0F which IS 100% in sync according to both nssmu and
mirror status command.

All 3 "mirrors" are created from
internal raid - > external raid

1st set is; 0x08 - sys
2nd set is; 0x0c - which is "vol1pool" (1stpart)
3rd set is; 0x0f - which is "vol1pool" (2ndpart - expanden the size )

Im thinking about maybe copying all data from vol1pool to some temp
storage and recreating the partition/pool/volumes as 1 single segment
and mirror it from scratch within imanager,, though that doenst
help/explain the issue with mirror nr;1 / sys.