I'm testing Novell ISCSI on a 2nd server, my first server is an
unclustered 6.5 sp6+ system.

I installed 6.5 on the 2nd server, installed ISCSI and setup a 2nd NIC
in the main server, with a 10.10.0.x address for both servers. Both
servers see each other over the link and I can administer the ISCSI
drive setup

My problem is with time sync. Timesync is setup on the original NIC,
which can access the internet and access official time servers. I've
tried everything I can think off to either bridge the NICs in the
original server so that timesync on the ISCSI server can timesync to
the original server. If I run DSPREPAIR I see that the servers are out
of sync with each other and that the XNTPD server on the ISCSI server
can't find or talk to the other NIC on the original server.

This problem is stopping me from doing some operations in IManagr.

How do I get the 10.10.0.x NIC to see and timesync with the original ?