NW65SP6, HP Proliant350 G4, SA642+BBCM, 5*72GB HDDs, iSCSI target.

Recently added BBCM + 2 new 72GB HDDs. Been having trouble with node
abending every night during backup.

One of the new disks now failed. Server will no longer boot completely.
During boot, seems to hang for ~2 minutes (I haven't timed it) then
the SYS pool deactivates and the RAID controller driver unloads with
message like "driver unloaded due to device failure/error".

If I boot without autoexec.ncf (server -na) then the server boots to the
: prompt. I tried to do a poolverify on sys: at this point but during
the verify the raid controller unloaded again.

I have ordered a replacement disk for the failed one.

I would appreciate any input at all here:

1. I suppose it is possible that the recently added BBCM module is
causing the apparent RAID card failure and driver unload - it it safe to
remove it? I only ask because of the battery-backed memory part - is it
possible to tell if it holds any data not written to disk?

2. Is it possible that corruption on the sys volume could cause the RAID
driver to unload?

Any other ideas appreciated.