I (usually) can't find the tree when
browsing in the advanced settings (or later when editing the default
in the client properties), and I can't find my main server (Server1) when
browsing the servers, although two other netware servers in the same lan
segment show up. (with the tree and context blank, it finds server2 and
server3, but never server1) Everything works fine on Windows XP
workstations with client 4.91sp4 which are similarly setup. We are not
using DHCP to distribute SLP information.

Server OS: Netware 6.5 sp5. SLPDA running on server1.
Vista Client 1.0
-service location - Directory agent set to IP address of server1.
-client - Tree and Context properties set.
-I can ping "server1" without any problems.

I've double-checked all of my settings for typo's but haven't found any.
there a problem with the way the Vista client discovers the servers and
tree? My XP machines find servers and trees instantaneously. Vista takes
long time to return the results window.