I am trying to force a simple execuatable to install using ZEN at a particular date and time. I have followed the novell documentation listed here;


Under the subsection, 35.3 Scheduling an Application Pre-Install

Yet, still the application is not installing at the prescribed time. The documentation show me how to set up the time frame, but does not mention other options.

My questions;

Do I set the workstation assocation to force install or does the pre-install schedule option set this?
I currently have the following options set;
Distribution Options->Pre-Install Schedule->the scheduled time
Distribution Options->Options-> "Distribute in Workstation Security Space if Workstation Associated"
Run Options->Applications->"Force run as user if application is workstation associated"
Assocations->Associations->{MyTestWorkstation} with App launcher checked
What other options do I need to set in the application object in order for this to work?
What kind of permissions should the network drive holding the executable have in order to install?

Thanks in advance,