2 node NW6.5 SP6 cluster w/mirrored OS local and shared mirrored data on SAN

Had catastrophic failure on one of the servers and one of the mirrored
storage devices on the SAN. The server OS disks were fine and used to bring
up the new server on identical hardware. The storage device was replaced,
set to Sharable for Clustering and the SBD and Data partitions were
mirrored. After mirroring was complete, the cluster was rolled to the new
server and the data partitons started remirroring again.. Anytime the
cluster is rolled or either server leaves and rejoins the cluster, the
partitions (SBD and DATA) remirror. Mirror Status on each server shows all
partitions. Volumes only shows the DATA volume on the server holding the
I checked in NSSMU and behold - the share state for BOTH of the SAN storage
devices is set to Not Sharable for Clustering.

Question - Is it safe to set these these to sharable with NSSMU, or will my
data get corrupted?


Bewildered Bert