I am trying to install OES2 on a SLES10 box. I install it as an Add-on-Product using Yast. But when I run the installer, this error occurs:

product:Novell-Open-Enterprise-Server-x86_64-2-0.x86_64[Novell-Open-Enterprise-Server-x86_64-2-0-20071009-104331] cannot be installed due to missing dependencies
There are no installable providers of novell-base for product:Novell-Open-Enterprise-Server-x86_64-2-0.x86_64[Novell-Open-Enterprise-Server-x86_64-2-0-20071009-104331]
Conflict Resolution:
( ) do not install Novell-Open-Enterprise-Server-x86_64
do not install product:Novell-Open-Enterprise-Server-x86_64-2-0.x86_64[Novell-Open-Enterprise-Server-x86_64-2-0-20071009-104331]
( ) Ignore this requirement just here

Is it because the SLES10 version is not SLES10 sp1? How can I identify whether the server is SLES10 SP1 or not?
/etc/SuSE-release file shows this:
SUSE LINUX 10.1 (X86-64)
VERSION = 10.1