I am using the Netware Consolidation tool for migrating data between
netware 6.5 OES SP6 to Linux SUSE OES.

With the update "03 OCT 2007: Recommended update for Novell NCP" I get the
folowing error:

An error occurred attempting to validate or migrate the file system from
--- Error caused by a NetWare API error ---
This error means that the error code returned has different meanings for
different functions.
(Error code: 0X89fb Function Name: NWGetNLMLoadedList)

I downgade back to "22 AUG 2007: Recommended update for Novell NCP" I get
following known error but file copy is running:

'Cannot check the SMS RPM version on server 'SERVER2'.
Your user ID must be LUM enabled with SSH access to this server for
this utility to check the SMS RPM version.
Otherwise, you will need to check the SMS RPM version yourself.

The installed SMS RPM must be version 1.1.4-6 or newer.
For your convenience, the required SMS RPM has already been copied to this

You can update the installed SMS RPM with the command:
rpm -Uvh /user/novell/sys/scu/novell-sms-i586.rpm
You will then need to restart SMS with the command:
rcnovell-smdrd restart

Error Details:
Cannot open file '\SERVER2SYSscusmsinstalledversion.txt'

The system cannot find the file specified.

Also I have the problem described in TID 3415966 (Listing a directory on
an NSS volume trigger a system hang or crash)

Are there any news about NSS NCP on OES Linux?

thank you for any support