I am testing Vista Business with Novell client for Vista installed with NMAS
( no ZCM agent installed on that box or any other software for that
matter ). Everything seems to work Ok - I get Novell login "tile" ( is it
the right lingo now ? ), then local Windows user. I can see trees, servers,
choose context etc. Both logins complete successfully but once I get to the
desktop I get this "you are already logged in to the tree blah blah as blah,
are you sure you want to login again ?". It comes up by itself and even if I
choose "No" Novell login prompt still comes up !

Now, if I still choose *not* to login again I do not see any drives mapped
from my initial login *but* I can browse through Netware servers just fine
and see what that user should see ( and can not see what it should not ), so
obviously I am authenticated Ok.

One strange thing is - if I restart Windows and login as a different user B
this time the prompt "you are already logged in as" will have the name of
user A from my *previous* login.

If I agree to "login again" then all drives get mapped Ok. I tried turning
login scripts off on the client and I am not quite sure if it changed
anything .. at first I though there was no prompt to "login again" but now I
am getting it no matter what, even with login scripts disabled. I have OES
servers in my tree, both 6.5 and SLES9. Servers have CIFS shares setup if
that matters.

Any ideas ? Any logs I can check ? Will there be any patches available for
Vista client ? It has been a while ..