We have a problem with the Lenovo T61.

I explain :
When i make an image of this laptop, it's works fine. I can put it on
the same laptop, but when i what putting it on another T61, i have
INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE when i reboot. Laptop are the same (chipset,
HDD, .....)

I tried this command (problem of geometry between Linux and Windows) :
- img d g before uploadinf image and note exact size
- img pd all
- img pv1 ntfs original size
- img pa1
- img rp server //server/vol/image.zmg a1:p1

Result is the same.

I also tried create a 30 Mb partition, and upload my image .... same

My configuration : ZFD 6.5 SP2, Netware 6.5 SP5.

In Novell website, it's wrote i must patch my Zenworks with the IR1,
but i can't (because internal political problem, ...).

Have you a solution to my problem.

Thank's for your help.