I been waiting a considerable time for Novell OES 2, I found out that is finally out. The reason that I have been waiting for it, is to finally migrate our apache web server from Netware to OES 2, since I need to use the module mod_edir, which authenticate Apache with Edirectory.

I tried a couple of months ago, to use mod_edir to authenticate Edirectory, with Apache 2 in OES 1, but it won't apply the privelages of every user of Edirectory it just either accept or not accept the user to access all the files. For what I understand OES 2 will take of this problem importing mod_edir to Apache 2 under Linux, since mod_edir was originally develop for Netware.
My question is if OES 2 has mod_edir included it to run with Apache, or if is a solution for this issue to authenticate Edirectory trough Apache apply all the permissions to every user.


Miguel Andujar