Has anybody seen any issues with the Motorola Qs? I've got a customer
who has ordered a bunch of these and some of them work, but some of them
don't. The ones that don't work, their Outbox never gets synched. They
go into the Outbox and it shows 4/4, meaning the last 4 messages they
sent, never got synched. It doesn't matter whether it's a new email or
a reply email.

Has anybody else seen this problem and have you come up with any
solutions? We've tried a number of things including:

Upgraded to GMS 2.X.
Hard reset on the phone, setting it back to the default, and then
reinstalling the client.
Choosing the different sync options available on the phone.

We can't seem to distinguish why some work and others don't. Nothing in
common such as version or device dates. The only thing we are seeing is
that those users who created their GMS account before Feb of 2007 seem to
work. Those who created their accounts after that seem to be having a
problem. Nothing happened then, it just seems to be that the people who
have had a gms acount longer than others seems to work.