Hello all,

I'm not sure what forum this belongs in but thought I'd start here
since it involves storage.

We have a netware 6.5 server, patched to sp6+ and have used Office
2000 for years on it. As part of a desktop rollout we got new systems,
stil with XP Pro SP2, but now with Office 2007.

We distributed some test systems to users, Within a few days they were
reporting that files were missing on their F drives, which are their
personal folders.

So for example, F: is your personal drive and you have 4 files in the
root plus some folders. Within a day or three of swapping your system
for a new one with Office 2007. it's probable that those 4 files will
be gone. The folders below the root seem unaffected, at least so far.

I've looked for sync settings in Office 2007, but don't see anything
that would cause it to go out and wipe the root. I don't know if I
need to change a client setting or start checking my storage or NIC
nlm's to see if they need updating.

It's really a crazy problem and what's worse is that it can take up to
3 days to occur.

Thanks in advance for any direction you can give me.