Just updated an NW65 SP6 Server to SP7, and I think something broke.
The thing is, I'm not sure what.

On the reboot post-install, I noticed it was stuck at the logo screen
for a really long length of time. So I hit Ctrl+Esc to see what
services had loaded, and found only 6 core services (logger screen, ds,
etc) had loaded. Everything else seemed to have stopped dead, and the
machine refused to respond to normal keyboard commands. So I was
forced to power-down the machine the hard way.

Upon the next reboot, the machine totally froze at the logo screen.
Another power down. Next, I executed SERVER.EXE with the '-na' option,
and ran REBUILD to repair both volumes, figuring I've done some damage,
and that doesn't work now. Kinda getting concerned I just shot my
server in the head here...

Of note, on the first reboot, I switched to the logger screen and was
scrolling through the console messages. I noticed something about SSL
not initializing correctly, but couldn't make much of it.

Thoughts, tricks to try? Or do I need voodoo magic about now?