Ok, this may be a reach here, but I guess it can't hurt to ask.

I have a 750Gb NTFS formatted external drive with both USB and eSATA

Is there any way to mount this USB drive as a volume on a Netware
6.5sp6 server so Backup Exec could back it up to tape?

I'm looking for an interim solution for doing the off-site backups of
my Netware and Windows Servers. I can't get the Windows backup software
to reliably backup the Netware volumes, so I moved the drive back to a
Netware server and Backup Exec. Backup Exec can't read the windows
volumes, and I don't seem to have any other adequate tape drives for the
windows servers.

So, I thought I could try to backup the Windows volumes to a file on
the external drive plugged into a windows server, move that to the
Netware drive, then backup the windows backup file to tape (which is a
DLT-S4 and big enough to hold all my NW and Win volumes).

I realize it's kludgy, but if it works, it's miles better than what I
have now, and it only has to wait for the end of the year to get
replaced with something more apropriate.

What do you think, Sirs?

Jim Helfer
WTW Architects
Pittsburgh PA